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“PEDIATR” (Pediatrician) is a quarterly biomedical journal for physicians founded in 2010 in St. Petersburg, Russia by St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University and “N-L Publishers” public corporation that focuses in publishing medical journals. Its major goal is to proffer diverse up-to-date fundamental and clinical information for medical professionals ranging from post-graduate students to Professors and from young Interns to Head Doctors. The journal offers the latest achievements in all fields of Pediatrics as well as other medical specialties and results of basic research. Most of its contents consists of original papers but also includes reviews, brief description of interesting clinical cases, essay on history of medicine, etc. The Journal presents possibilities for on-line exchange of information between various scientific schools and groups inside the Russian Federation and ex-USSR states as well as foreign countries. The Journal may be used also for announcements and reports from National and International conferences and symposiums, book reviews, etc. All manuscripts offered for publishing in the Journal are subject after primary screening to scrupulous double-blind reviewing by leading medical specialists (neither the reviewer knows who the author is nor the author is aware of the reviewer’s identity) guaranteeing objectivity of reviewing and high quality of every published paper.

St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University and “N-L Publishers” Public Corporation

Publisher: “N-L Publishers” Public Corporation

Vitaliy G. Rodin – Director General

L.F. Titova – Editor of the Issue

A.S. Pereverzev – Maker-up

E.N. Dumova – Proofreader

Address: 17th, Avtovskaya Str., St. Petersburg, 198152, Russia;

Phone/Fax: +7(812)784-97-51; e-mail: Format 60×90 1/8.

Conventional sheets 11 “N-L Publishers” Public Corporation at “Svetlitsa” Public Corporation, number of (printed) copies 1000 Complete or partial reproduction of all publications of the Journal, either electronically or in any other form, altering it, or its use for public or commercial purposes shall be subject to prior written agreement from the Editorial Office and with compulsory reference to “Pediatr” Journal

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