2012 #4



Averin V. A., Zinkevich E. R.

Innovation approach as strategy of vocational education in XXIthe century


Chernoray A. V.

Illness as an unusual living condition and the problem of psychological adaptation

Alekhin A. N., Turovskaya N. G

Psychic development disorders in children with paroxysmal seizures

Biletskaya M. P., Kuprenicheva T. V.

Patology style of education and family anxiety in families of children with the gastroduodenitis

Lakomskaya A. V., Malikova T. V.

The specificity of quality of life of older people with cardiovascular diseases

Kuleva S. A., Imyanitov E. N., Yukhta T. V., Tsyrlina E. V.,  Kolygin B. A.

Case reports of hereditary cancer syndromes in children and adolescents

Vindorf S. A.

Clinical and psychological features of emancipation’s reaction of teenagers dependent on drugs

Kalin N. I.

Clinical and psychological signs of deviation and risk factors of reproductive behavior disorders in adolescents

Isayev D. D

Integrative approach to the gender identity

Tsybakova N. Y., Martynkevich I. S.

The role of cytogenetic markers in the diagnosis and treatment of сhildhood acute leukaemia

Kornev A. N.

Family directed support in psychological treatment of children with speech and language disorders

Malikova T. V., Yaurova A. S.

Research of suicide behavior of teenagers

Fedyayev A. A., Ovchinnikov B. V.

Psychotherapeutic possibility of the method of the directed imagination

Murza-Der G. A.

Adherence to ARV-therapy in p pregnant HIV Infected women In st.-Petersburg (Russia)

Osipov I. B., Sarychev S. A., Lifanova M. V., Shchedrina A. Y.

Conservative treatment of bladder reservoir function disturbances In children with myelodysplasia

Burlakova M. I., Biletskaya M. P.

Psychological features of families of children with asthma

Obukhova A.-M. A., Isayev D. D.

Psychological components of sexual orientation

Lvov S. N., Zemlyanoy D. A., Khorunzhiy V. V., Aleksandrovich I. V., Pshenisnov K. V.

Specific features of contemporary diet of St.Petersburg school children


Matsko D. E., Zhelbunova E. A., Matsko M. V., Ulitin A. Yu., Paltsev A. A., Iyevleva A. G., Imyanitov E. N.

Rare embryonic brain tumor in a patient 27 years


Kulakov S. A.

Methodological and methodic principles in psychotherapy teaching of clinical psychologists

Zinkevich E. R., Kornev A. N.

Propedeutic practice as the new educational technology in clinical psychologists training

Kulbakh O. S., Averin V. A., Zinkevich E. R.

Unity of the formation of general cultural and professional scopes in training of the future doctor

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