2012 #4



Averin V. A., Zinkevich E. R.

Innovation approach as strategy of vocational education in XXIthe century


Chernoray A. V.

Illness as an unusual living condition and the problem of psychological adaptation

Alekhin A. N., Turovskaya N. G

Psychic development disorders in children with paroxysmal seizures

Biletskaya M. P., Kuprenicheva T. V.

Patology style of education and family anxiety in families of children with the gastroduodenitis

Lakomskaya A. V., Malikova T. V.

The specificity of quality of life of older people with cardiovascular diseases

Kuleva S. A., Imyanitov E. N., Yukhta T. V., Tsyrlina E. V.,  Kolygin B. A.

Case reports of hereditary cancer syndromes in children and adolescents

Vindorf S. A.

Clinical and psychological features of emancipation’s reaction of teenagers dependent on drugs

Kalin N. I.

Clinical and psychological signs of deviation and risk factors of reproductive behavior disorders in adolescents

Isayev D. D

Integrative approach to the gender identity

Tsybakova N. Y., Martynkevich I. S.

The role of cytogenetic markers in the diagnosis and treatment of сhildhood acute leukaemia

Kornev A. N.

Family directed support in psychological treatment of children with speech and language disorders

Malikova T. V., Yaurova A. S.

Research of suicide behavior of teenagers

Fedyayev A. A., Ovchinnikov B. V.

Psychotherapeutic possibility of the method of the directed imagination

Murza-Der G. A.

Adherence to ARV-therapy in p pregnant HIV Infected women In st.-Petersburg (Russia)

Osipov I. B., Sarychev S. A., Lifanova M. V., Shchedrina A. Y.

Conservative treatment of bladder reservoir function disturbances In children with myelodysplasia

Burlakova M. I., Biletskaya M. P.

Psychological features of families of children with asthma

Obukhova A.-M. A., Isayev D. D.

Psychological components of sexual orientation

Lvov S. N., Zemlyanoy D. A., Khorunzhiy V. V., Aleksandrovich I. V., Pshenisnov K. V.

Specific features of contemporary diet of St.Petersburg school children


Matsko D. E., Zhelbunova E. A., Matsko M. V., Ulitin A. Yu., Paltsev A. A., Iyevleva A. G., Imyanitov E. N.

Rare embryonic brain tumor in a patient 27 years


Kulakov S. A.

Methodological and methodic principles in psychotherapy teaching of clinical psychologists

Zinkevich E. R., Kornev A. N.

Propedeutic practice as the new educational technology in clinical psychologists training

Kulbakh O. S., Averin V. A., Zinkevich E. R.

Unity of the formation of general cultural and professional scopes in training of the future doctor

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2012 #3



Gordeev V. I.

Legal problems in emergency medicine


Evseeva S. A., Burtseva T. E., Dranaeva G. G., Ganichev S. N

Children’s healthcare services in republic of Sakha (Yakutia): satisfaction assessment of inhabitants of rural areas

Kozhevnikov A. N.

Disturbance of the apoptosis in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Letenkova N. M.

The diagnostic problems of myocarditis in children

Rokhlina F. V., Novik G. A

Methotrexate as drug of choice For treatment juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Savvina M. S., Burtseva T. E., Dranaeva G. G., Shadrin V. P., Uvarova T. E., Solodkova I. V., Avrusin S. L., Sinel’nikova E. V., Chasnyk V. G

On dynamics in body mass and length in babies of different ethnic groups —  inhabitants of republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Smirnova M. M., Savenkova N. D., Tyrtova L. V., Gurina O. P

Frequency of autoimmune thyroiditis in children with different variants of glomerulonephritis

Stepanova A. A., Savenkova N. D., Novik G. A., Gurina O. P.

Relationship between presentations of renal involvement and concentration of se rum amyloid a protein saa in sera in patients with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

Kalin N. G., Vorobjov A. S., Letenkova N. M.

The role of hyperbaric oxygenation inperinatal complications rehabilitation

Fedorova E. V., Egorov A., Ammosova T., Avrusin S. L., Santimov A., Nekhai S., Grom A.,. Chasnyk V. G

Mutation ccr5delta32 as a determinant of system onset and severity of juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Chikova I. A., Avramenko V. V., Krasnogorskaya O. L., Kalashnikova O. V., Nasyrov R. A., Chasnyk V. G.

Knee inflammation in juvenile idiopathic arthritis: joint description in Terms of arthroscopy as a method of differential diagnostics

Shirinbekova N. V.

Genetic aspects of thrombophilia in children with Henoch-Schönlein purpura

Sukhanova N. A

Latent infection of the upper respiratory tract in children with bronchial asthma — data immunohystochemi research

Isupova E. A.

C825t polymorphism of the gnb3 gene in children with bronchial asthma


Paniutina I. V., Petrova S. I., Ialfimov A. N., Peshekhonova Yu. V

Aspirational chronic bronchiolitis


Barasheva O. V., Plotnikova E. V., Shabalov N. P

Hyperandrogenic syndrome and its charac-teristics in the children adolescents (the literature review)


Stroev Y. I., Churilov L. P

The centenary of the discovery of the social endocrinopathy, most important nowadays: pediatric aspects

Likhtshangof A. Z.

The role of homeopathic doctors’ and homeopathy followers’ associations in the development of homeopathic medicine in Pre-revolutionary Russia


Behtereva M. K., Nirkova O. I., Sizemov A. N.


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2012 #2



Trashkov A. P., Vasiliev A. G., Tsygan N. V., Khaitsev N. V., Marchenko S. P., Naumov A. B., Kolesnichenko A. V., Khubulava G. G., Suvorov V. V., Kravtsova A. A.

Antithrombotic therapy in oncology: contemporary concepts and pending problems


Nikolaev V. I., Denisenko N. P., Denisenko M. D

Peculiarities of emotional stress development in persons with various types of emotional balance and hemodynamics

Kosova A. N., Kravtsova A. A., Tyrtova L. V

Growth, ifr-1 level and liver function assessment in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus

Mambetova A. M., Shabalova N. N., Kravtsova A. A., Indarokov T. R.

Renin-aldosteronе system reaction peculiarities in children with urinary organs congenital developmental anomalies combined with varying severity connecting tissue dysplasia syndrome

Khaitsev N. V., Trashkov A. P., Vasiliev A. G., Kravtsova A. A., Malyutina N. L

The effect of advance hypoxic training upon tissue oxygen tension in the tumor during ionizing irradiation in rats

Vasiliev A. G., Khaitsev N. V., Kravtsova A. A., Vasiliev G. A., Trashkov A. P., Malyutina N. L

Low-intensity laser irradiation and non-specific resistance mechanisms

Lein G. A., Gusev M. G.

New morphologic classification of idiopathetic scoliosis based on analysis of deformity of each vertebra and in-tervertebral disk

Reutin M. A., Kravtsova A. A., Trashkov A. P., Vasiliev A. G., Khaitsev N. V

Pregnancy and neoplasma: clinincal and experimental correlations

Naumov A. B., Trashkov A. P., Yalovets A. A., Kolesnichenko A. V., Suvorov V. V., Khubulava G. G., Vasiliev A. G., Andreev V. V., Tsygan N. V., Marchenko S. P

The role of apoptosis in heart failure development: contemporary methods of correction in cardiosurgery

Zheleznikova G. F., Skripchenko N. V., Ivanova G. P., Bogachkina S. I.

Pathogenetic aspects of borreliosis in children


Behtereva M. K., Suvorova I. Yu., Petrova N. V., Ivanova V. V., Nasyrov R. A.

The case of death from yersinia infection


Tsigan V. N., Dergunov A. V., Balashov L. D., Iontsev V. I

Veteran pathophysiologisits use novel approaches to teaching pathophysiology (professor emeritus awarded a honorary decoration)


Shabalova N. N.

Immunologic mechanisms supporting reproduction and consequences of their impairment

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2012 #1



Orel V. I., Keshishev I. A

Basic trends of rehabilitation-and-recovery children’s unit functioning within research and practical center for medico-social expertise, prosthetics and rehabilitation named after G.A. Albrecht


Agadzhanova S. N., Smirnova V. I.

Health improvement in children attending pre-school educational institutions

Libova E. B., Kuznetsova E. Y., Liberman L. N.

Contemporary specific features of social origin and health of inmates of children’s homes

Kuznetsova E. Y., Libova E. B., Dzhangavadze N. D., Smirnova V. I., Fiyas O. E

Modern approach to rehabilitation of children with limited abilities in a specialized children’s home

Orel V. I., Kalinichenko O. V

Medical and social aspects of problem of giving assistance to those children who have lost parental custody

Vasileva J. P., Skripchenko N. V., Komantsev V. N., Savina M. V.

Modern approaches to the diagnosis of ultrasound in children neuroinfection

Lioznov D. A., Nikolaenko S. L.

High risk behavior among students of higher and vocational education schools

Tsiteladze A. A., Oryol V. I.

The medical provision system for military college pupils and andrological problems

Zheyvot E. K.

Заболеваемость подростков 15–17 лет в мегаполисе

Guryeva N. A., Orel V. I., Popova O. V., Orel O. V

Medical aid managment on-line quality control

Sabanov V. I., Popova E. G

Dynamics of professional well-being and estimation of professional protectability of doctors during their consulting hoursat out-patient center

Baisheva G. M., Krasnov B. Y

Organization of medical and social assistance to children with epilepsy living in regions with low population density

Mikhailova S. V., Skrynnik N. A., Krivokhizh V. A.

Organization of work in the foci of tuberculosis in the Admiralty district of St.Petersburg

Abdrafikova G. H., Guryeva N. A.

Organization of rehabilitation therapy centre for participants of local military conflicts

Balashov A. L., Popova O. V. , Kolobukhov P. V

Regional experience in providing paid medical services

Domashenko R. A., Khoroshavin A. N., Domashenko A. A.

Realization of human rights protection under the circumstances of public health system reformation in Russia

Pryalukhin I. A.

Influence of transformation the municipal maternity hospital into regional perinatal centre on indicators of work obstetric and neonatal regional services (on an example of the Kola North)


Grigorieva I. V.

Clinic-epidemiological analisys of lethal cases of influenza during the period of 2009–2010

Afanaseva O. I., Golovacheva E. G., Nikitina E. A., Drinevsky V. P.

The therapeutical efficacy of oseltamivir in pediatrics

Boyrasky C. Y., Gaidukov S. N.

Monochorionic diamniotic twins pregnancy after single embryo transfer in natural modified ivf cycle


Scripcenco Natalia V. honorary title “Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation”

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