2013 #1



Yanus G. A., Suspitsyn Ye. N., Dorofeyeva M. Yu., Imyanitov Ye. N

Molecular diagnostics of tuberous sclerosis


Korniyenko Ye. A., Kubalova S. S., Dmitriyenko M. A., Dzhagatspanyan I. E

Clinical implication of the hydrogen breath test for diagnosis of lactose intolerance and overgrows syndrome in infants

Konikova O. A., Diskalenko O. V

The functional outcomes stage  IVb and V retinopathy of prematurity

Pirogova Z. I.

Optimization of dysbiosis prevention and correction in children with  gastrointestinal disturbance

Suslova G. A., Lvov S. N., Zemlyanoy D. A

Features of the state of health and physical development of school students of St. Petersburg

Nikitina T. N

Some features of staged treatment of сataract in children

Zakirkhodzhayeva D. A

Efficacy of surgical treatment of  traumatic cataract with simultaneous intraocular lens implantation in children

Druy A. Ye., Tsaur G. A., Shorikov Ye. V., Savelyev L. I., Tsvirenko S. V., Fechina L. G

Prognostic impact of mycn amplification, 1p deletion and 11q deletion in neuroblastoma patients

Bit‑Sava E. M., Belogurova M. B., Akhmedov R. M., Monogarova M. A

Methods of breast reconstruction after cancer

Prozornaya L. P. , Brzheskiy V. V.

Сomparative effect of artificial tear drug usage in patients with «dry eye» syndrome and chronic blepharitis

Toshpulatova A. Z

Characteristics of clinical manifestations of marfan syndrome in children and complications of surgical treatment of lens luxation

Minaev S. V., Gerasimenko I. N., Bykov N. I

Increasing of surgical efficacy of cystic echinococcosis of liver in pediatric surgery

Kololotilov L. V., Pavlov V. Ye

Characteristics of respiratory support in anesthesia of endolaryngeal operations

Pavelets K. V., Kashintsev A. A., Kokhanenko N. Yu., Imyanitov Ye. N

Asessment of modern dissection techniques in pancreatduodenal resection

Khaytsev N. V., Vasilyev A. G., Trashkov A. P

The effect of advance hypoxic training upon tissue oxygen tension in the tumor during aqute hypoxia of different types

Pshenichnaya K. I., Golovina O. G., Lyugayev Ye. V.

Singularities of haemorrhagic syndrome in children with native and acquired deficiencies of von Willebrand factor

Sidorova Yu. I., Biletskaya M. P

Psychological features of patients with GB II stage

Isayev D. D., Subkevich D. I.

Factors associated with women’s sexual erotic satisfaction

Mayorova Ye. K

Incidence as the most important indicator of health


Markova D. O., Revnova M. O., Nasyrov R. A.

Cytomegalovirus infection in the patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Priyma N. F., Popov V. V., Komolkin I. A., Afanasyev A. P.

Aortic aneurysm in a marfan’s syndrome patient


Menshchikova A. L.

The role of egocentrism in development of centration and the decentration features of the physician’s personality


Gorbunova V. N.

Molecular genetics — a way to the individual personalized medicine


Babichev A. V

The role of endothelium in hemostasis mechanisms

Chernova T. M., Timchenko V. N

Features vaccination of children with HIV infection

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