2014 #1



Lytaev S.A.

Physiological scientific pedagogical schools of the Leningrad pediatric medical institute — Saint Petersburg state pediatric medical university


Aleksandrovich Yu. S., Blinov S.A., Pshenisnov K.V

Biomechanical lung characteristics depending on the clinical and laboratory status of newborns in critical state

Marasina A.V., Zakharova M. L., Pavlov P.V., Saulina A.V.,Mostovoy A.V., Karpova A. L., Alexeeva N. P., Ievkov S.A.

Paresis of the left vocal cord after surgical treatment of patent ductusarteriosus in premature infants

Melashenko T.V., Guzeva V.V

Particular transit patterns EEG in premature babies with hypoxia-ischemic encephalopathy

Belskaya K.A., Lytayev S.A., Kipyatkov N.Yu.

Psychological peculiarities of auditory cognitive defect when psychopathology

Kipyatkov N.Yu., Dutov V. B

Prospects of use of integrative indicators of computer processing of EEG in the structure of the express-analysis of neurocognitive status

Yakovenko I.A., Kozlov M. K., Cheremushkin Ye.A.

Influence of additional tasks on forming cognitive set (electroencephalographic investigation)

Konikova O.A., Brzheskiy V.V.

Opportunities electroretinography in stadying of physiological stages of maturation human retina at different ages

Pronina M.V., Ponomarev V.A., Myuller A., Kropotov Yu.D

Analysis of Independent Components for ERPs from ADHD patients of various ages

Sinitsyna A.V., Sinelnikova Ye.V., Krivokhizh V.N.,Krasnogorskaya O. L, Nasyrov R.A., Gavrilov P.V., Zharov Ye.V

Particular Features of the Sonograms of the Ligamentum Arteriosum and Para-Aortic Arterial Calcifications in Children Suffering From Tuberculosis of Intrathoracic Lymph Nodes

Pugovkin A. P. , Verlov N.A., Landa S. B., Yerkudov V.O

The systemic arterial pressure waveform management by means of the study of peripheral vessels

Vishnyakov N. I., Kutyrev Ye.M., Sofiyeva Z.A., Gvozdarev S. I

Medico-social problems of hospices in St.-Petersburg pediatric practice

Butkevich I. P., Shimarayeva T.N., Mikhaylenko V.A.

Prenatal effects of buspirone and stresson behavioral reactions in rat pups ofdifferent sexes during period of ontogenywith low level of brain serotonin


Zaslavskiy D.V., Ravodin R.A., Tatarskaya O. B., Sydikov A.A., Khvedelidze M.G.

Erythroderma: the modern questionsof diagnostics and treatment

Pushkarev Yu. P.

Dynamic of somatic-vegetative relating ontogenesis of animals and man


Mamaychuk I. I

Psychological help for children and adolescents with somatic diseases

Galitsyna Ye.Yu.

The children diagnosed with bronchial asthma: personal particularities and methods of psychological defense


Mikirtichan G. L.

The attitude to children, their right for life and development in Russia (X cent.–beginning of the XVIII cent.)

Likhtshangof A.Z.

Periodization of the history of the world and Russian homeopathic medicine

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