M. B. Belogurova, E. G. Boichenko, S. A. Kulyova

Children’s oncology in St. Petersburg: achievements and prospects of development


S. A. Kulyova, A. P. Karitsky, S. V. Ivanova

Prerequisites to improvement of predictive model of childhood Hodgkin’s lymphoma

N. O. Postanogova, L. V. Sofronova, F. R. Milyakova

Clinical and laboratory features of infectious mononucleosis depending on the etiological factor in children

Kh. D. Peradze

Clinical and epidemiological evaluation of cases of hepatitis E in St. Petersburg

V. V. Vostrikov, N. O. Selizarova, A. Yu. Grigor’yeva, S. N. Proshin

The role of genetic factors in the formation of dependence on opiates

M. Platikanova, L. Yordanova, B. Chakrova, S. N. L’vov, I. Dimov

A study of morbidity on the territory of the municipality of Stara Zagora in connection with air pollution aerosols lead

I. V. Balaban, E. D. Pyatibrat, S. N. Proshin, S. G. Tsykunov, P. D. Shabanov

Mechanism of disturbance of reproductive functions in women soldiers under extreme conditions local conflicts and pathogenetic approaches to correct them

D. V. Strukov, A. G. Vasil’yev, Yu. S. Aleksandrovich

NO inducible synthase inhibitors produce a positive effect on indexes of central hemodynamics in rats with septic shock

P. V. Pugach, S. V. Kruglov, N. R. Karelina, D. V. Breusenko, S. Yu. Bazhin, S. A. Krugovikhin, N. A. Mamerzaev, D. A. Molchanov

The structure of the thymus and mesenteric lymph nodes of newborn rats as a result of the prenatal influence of ethanol


S. V. Ivanova, S. A. Kuleva, E. D. Gumbatova, M. B. Belogurova

Gastrointestinal complications of cancer treatment in childhood

N. Yu. Kokhanenko, A. L. Lugovoy, S. A. Danilov, Yu. N. Shiryajev, L. Z. Gurtskaya

Features of pathogenesis, clinical course and diagnosis of acute cholecystitis of patients with decompensated cardiovascular diseases

A. G. Vasil’yeva, E. V. Zinov’yev, D. V. Kostyakov

Features response and course of typical pathological processes in burn disease in puberty

A. P. Trashkov, A. L. Spirin, N. V. Tsygan, M. R. Artemenko, V. A. Pechatnikova, N. A. Verlov

Cerebral Glial Tumors: General Principles of Diagnostics and Treatment


M. K. Bardyshevskaya

Distorted development: the elaboration of Victor Lebedinsky’s ideas

T. G. Goryacheva, M. S. Misochenko

Interim results of neuropsychological analysis of the development of children with perinatal risks

A. Yu. Malenova, I. G. Kytkova

The relation to pregnancy, the child, motherhood of women in IVF situation

I. M. Nikolskaya

The method of serial drawings and stories in psychological counseling to resolve disputes between parents about the child’s upbringing

A. A. Sergienko, S. E. Strogova, N. V. Zvereva

Neuropsychological and psychometric analysis of the defect at children and adolescents with endogenous mental pathology


A. P. Karitsky

Main improvement organizations of federal specialized (oncologic) institute as a unit of health system


E. A. Salnikova, S. S. Ozerov, I. V. Zakharov, D. S. Abramov, A. N. Kazakova, M. V. Tikhonova, N. I. Pospekhova, G. A. Novichkova, D. V. Litvinov, I. D. Borodina, E. V. Kumirova

The rare case of a combination two brain tumors with total colon polyposis

S. A. Kuleva, M. B. Belogurova, S. V. Ivanova, L. I. Mel’nik

Pulmonary toxicity of anticancer therapy from childhood Hodgkin’s lymphoma


A. V. Bogdanova, С. V. Zandakov, A. V. Tishkov, L. A. Zhelenina, T. V. Sergeev, M. V. Kuropatenko

The medical informative systems in pediatric practice — problems and prospects


V. N. Timchenko, S. L. Bannova, A. V. Fedorova, A. N. Nazarova

Clinical and laboratory criteria of gravity and the principles of treatment of acute infectious mononucleosis, Epstein–Barr virus etiology of the children


G. O. Bagaturiya, A. A. Pashko

At the root of SPbSPMU: by memory of the founder of the Department of Operational surgery and topographic anatomy prof. F.I. Valker

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