2012 #1



Orel V. I., Keshishev I. A

Basic trends of rehabilitation-and-recovery children’s unit functioning within research and practical center for medico-social expertise, prosthetics and rehabilitation named after G.A. Albrecht


Agadzhanova S. N., Smirnova V. I.

Health improvement in children attending pre-school educational institutions

Libova E. B., Kuznetsova E. Y., Liberman L. N.

Contemporary specific features of social origin and health of inmates of children’s homes

Kuznetsova E. Y., Libova E. B., Dzhangavadze N. D., Smirnova V. I., Fiyas O. E

Modern approach to rehabilitation of children with limited abilities in a specialized children’s home

Orel V. I., Kalinichenko O. V

Medical and social aspects of problem of giving assistance to those children who have lost parental custody

Vasileva J. P., Skripchenko N. V., Komantsev V. N., Savina M. V.

Modern approaches to the diagnosis of ultrasound in children neuroinfection

Lioznov D. A., Nikolaenko S. L.

High risk behavior among students of higher and vocational education schools

Tsiteladze A. A., Oryol V. I.

The medical provision system for military college pupils and andrological problems

Zheyvot E. K.

Заболеваемость подростков 15–17 лет в мегаполисе

Guryeva N. A., Orel V. I., Popova O. V., Orel O. V

Medical aid managment on-line quality control

Sabanov V. I., Popova E. G

Dynamics of professional well-being and estimation of professional protectability of doctors during their consulting hoursat out-patient center

Baisheva G. M., Krasnov B. Y

Organization of medical and social assistance to children with epilepsy living in regions with low population density

Mikhailova S. V., Skrynnik N. A., Krivokhizh V. A.

Organization of work in the foci of tuberculosis in the Admiralty district of St.Petersburg

Abdrafikova G. H., Guryeva N. A.

Organization of rehabilitation therapy centre for participants of local military conflicts

Balashov A. L., Popova O. V. , Kolobukhov P. V

Regional experience in providing paid medical services

Domashenko R. A., Khoroshavin A. N., Domashenko A. A.

Realization of human rights protection under the circumstances of public health system reformation in Russia

Pryalukhin I. A.

Influence of transformation the municipal maternity hospital into regional perinatal centre on indicators of work obstetric and neonatal regional services (on an example of the Kola North)


Grigorieva I. V.

Clinic-epidemiological analisys of lethal cases of influenza during the period of 2009–2010

Afanaseva O. I., Golovacheva E. G., Nikitina E. A., Drinevsky V. P.

The therapeutical efficacy of oseltamivir in pediatrics

Boyrasky C. Y., Gaidukov S. N.

Monochorionic diamniotic twins pregnancy after single embryo transfer in natural modified ivf cycle


Scripcenco Natalia V. honorary title “Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation”

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