D.O. Ivanov, L.V. Ditkovskaya, O.I. Maryina, M.E. Turkunova, E.N. Suspitsin, O.S. Yankovskaya

Molecular genetic diagnosis and treatment of congenital hyperinsulinism: results of observation of patients with variants in the genes ABCC8 and KCNJ11


V.F. Bezhenar, L.A. Ivanova, D.O. Ivanov

The role of the infectious factor in the genesis of perinatal losses in pregnant women who have birth in maternity hospitals in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region in 2009–2018

A.E. Kim, E.B. Shustov, V.A. Kashuro, V.P. Ganapolsky, E.B. Katkova

Expression of TSPO and HIF-1α genes as predictors of the organism’s resistance to hyperthermia

A.V. Fedorova, T.V. Brus, A.G. Vasiliev, V.N. Timchenko, S.L. Bannova, N.S. Tagirov, A.V. Vasilieva

The influence of Epstein–Barr-associated infection upon pituitary-thyroid system in children at different periods of the disease

L.A. Ivanova, D.O. Ivanov, V.F. Bezhenar, O.L. Krasnogorskaya

Newborn asphyxia: features of the course of pregnancy and delivery and the structure of the placenta

A.M. Levchin, I.B. Ershova, A.G. Rogovtsova

The influence of the integration and rehabilitation program on the peculiarities of the formation of the vegetative balance of younger schoolchildren affected by military operations

D.V. Zaslavsky, A.V. Taganov, E.S. Bolshakova, E.S. Manylova, D.V. Kozlova

Prospective observation study of the effect of dupilumab on the body weight of children with atopic dermatitis

R.A. Sushchenko, A.S. Panchenko

Etiological factors and pathophysiological mechanisms of the reparative process in various types of cephalohematoms and methods of their treatment

E.G. Batotsyrenova, M.V. Melnikova, A.V. Belskaya, D.O. Ivanov, V.A. Kashuro, Е.N. Krasnikova, A.V. Sharabanov

Effect of reindeer pituitary peptide extract on cognitive functions in rats with changes light regime


L.O. Klimenko, M.E. Melnikov, S.A. Kulyova, G.V. Kondratiev

Molecular genetic traits and risk factors for neuroblastoma

O.N. Titova, V.D. Kulikov, O.A. Sukhovskaya

Vaping lung damage (review)


O.K. Gorkina, P.V. Pavlov, M.L. Zakharova, N.V. Nikitina

Clinical observation of genetically confirmed Kabuki syndrome type 1, with an undetermined type of inheritance, in a 7-year-old child

N.S. Tian, E.D. Orlova, I.V. Babachenko, E.V. Sharipova

Infectious “masks” of connective tissue diseases (clinical cases)

S.N. Lagutina, O.S. Skuratova, P.A. Chizhkov, A.A. Zuikova, A.S. Kurguzova, E.Yu. Esina, I.S. Dobrynina, D.A. Martynenko, K.D. Samkov

Features of intestinal microbiota in chronic pyelonephritis in a patient with Mayer–Rokitansky–Kustner–Hauser syndrome

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