Z.S. Matveeva, A.F. Romanchishen, A.V. Gostimsky, K.V. Vabalayte

Prophylactic thyroidectomy as method of medullary thyroid carcinoma prevention in children from MEN syndrom families

N.S. Zhuravlyova, V.N. Buryak, O.S. Pokusaeva, V.L. Babich

Heart rate variability analysis with daily monitoring of electrocardiograms in children with chronic nonobstructive pyelonephritis

A.V. Gostimskiy, Z.S. Matveeva, A.F. Romanchishen, I.V. Karpatskiy, S.S. Peredereev, O.V. Lisovskiy, V.V. Pogorelchuk

Primary hyperparathyroidism in childhood

N.E. Kononova, E.E. Somov

Assessment of the results of treatment of children with amblyopia associated with strabismus

O.V. Sokolova, O.D. Yagmurov, R.A. Nasyrov

Morphological characteristic and assessment of changes in the main structural components of the histohematological barrier of the thyroid tissue in cases of the sudden cardiac death from alcoholic cardiomyopathy

E.M. Kuchinskaya, V.G. Chasnyk, M.M. Kostik

Measures in assessment of pediatric systemic lupus erythematosus: an experience of retrospective observational study

Z.V. Nesterenko

Recurrent bronchitis as a clinical variant of functional changes of the respiratory system in children

O.A. Vrzhesinskaya, V.M. Kodentsova, O.G. Pereverzeva, S.N. Leonenko

Vitamin Sufficiency of Children Visiting Preschool Educational Institutions from Different Regions (Moscow Region, Ekaterinburg)

K.T. Temirkhanova, S.G. Tsikunov, E.D. Pyatibrat, A.O. Pyatibrat

The influence of vital stress experienced by women in pregravidarum period on sexual development of their daughters

M.I. Andryukhin, S.A. Golovanov, A.M. Polikarpova, M.Y. Prosiannikov, L.A. Nersisyan, N.K. Gadzhiev, N.S. Tagirov, V.M. Obidnyak, R.M. Solhi

Staghorn stones’ composition analysis features

V.O. Erkudov, A.P. Pugovkin, A.Y. Volkov, O.I. Myusayeva, S.A. Lytaev

Gender differences in the normative dimentions of internal organs of 17-years teenagers with different somatotypic characteristics

I.V. Boronina, Y.S. Aleksandrovich, I.N. Popova, L.S. Oshanova

Hemodynamic monitoring on the background of intensive therapy in newborns

Y.A. Manokhina

The regional anesthesia for surgical correction of the malformation of upper extremities in pediatric

D.V. Breusenko, I.D. Dimov, E.S. Klimenko, N.R. Karelina

Modern concepts of thymus morphology

M.P. Korolev, L.E. Fedotov, R.G. Avanesyan, E.A. Mikhaylova, G.M. Lepekhin, M.M. Turyanchik

Combined minimaly invasive surgery of pancreaticolithiasis in combination with congenital stricture of the terminal sections of the pancreatic ducts

E.E. Malkova, I.A. Komolkin, M.A. Pakhomova, M.V. Vitenberg

Emotional aspects of self-attitude of adolescents with Pectus excavatum (PE) before and after surgery (pilot study)

A.S. Yaurova

The relationship of hardiness and self-attitude in adolescents with acne

◆ history of medicine
T.Sh. Morgoshiia

The contribution of N.F. Filatov the national pediatrics (to the 170 anniversary from the birthday of N.F. Filatov) (1847-1902)

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