A.A. Pashkevich, T.A. Nachinkina, O.A. Ushatskaja, V.V. Dorofeikov, A.V. Orlov, M.M. Kostik, L.A. Zhelenina

Vitamin D deficiency in children with cystic fibrosis: is there a link with the microflora of the lower respiratory tract, the frequency of hospitalizations and the volume of antibiotic therapy?


А.М. Mambetova, N.N. Shabalova, А.М. Inarokova, D.V. Bizheva, B.R. Cagova, F.A. Zhamborova

Influence on the connective tissue dysplasia, hormones and cytokines in children with kidney disease acquired in the form of glomerulonephritis, haemolytic uraemic syndrome and secondary pyelonephritis

T.V. Melashenko, A.I. Tashilkin, A.V. Pozdnyakov, T.A. Narkevich, O.L. Krasnogorskaya, R.A. Nasyrov, D.O. Ivanov, V.S. Lvov

Radiologic diagnostics in complex estimation of the features of neuroplasticity in preterm newborns with extremely low birth weight

G.A. Prometnaya, M.M. Batushin, N.B. Bondarenko

Importance of activity of autophagy, apoptosis and intracellular protein degradation for early detection of malnutrition in patients with chronic kidney disease of 5th stage, receiving of hemodialysis: the results of case-control study

S.I. Utkin, M.V. Stolyarov, D.Yu. Ignatenko, E.A. Bachinin, R.N. Khalfin

General anesthesia in infants during surgical laser treatment of retinopathy of prematurity in ophthalmological clinic

D.A. Zemlyanoy, S.N. Lvov, V.V. Brzhesky, E.L. Efimova, V.G. Puzyrev, I.V. Alexandrovich, M.A. Sorokina

Features of the organization of a day regimen and the level of ophthalmologic pathology at pupils of elementary grades of St. Petersburg

V.I. Nikolaev, N.P. Denisenko, E.A. Belogurova, M.D. Denisenko, T.S. Gorziy

Features of cardiovascular system functioning under emotional stress in dependence of masculine-feminine
personality traits

Z.V. Lopatin, V.S. Vasilenko, E.B. Karpovskaya

Role of endothelium damage factors in the pathogenesis of cardiomyopathy surge in athletes sports

S.N. Proshin, R.A. Kurbanov, S.I. Loskutov, N.N. Barsukov, H.О. Alibekov, D.А. Каchanov, R.I. Glushakov, G.О. Bаgaturiya

The foci of aberrant crypts and changes of microbiota of gut upon chemical mutagenesis and experimental hyper- and hypothyroid status

K.I. Pshenichnaya, L.A. Jelenina, T.N. Kasatkina, T.M. Ivashikina, M.V. Zaidina

Indicator of reticulocyte hemoglobin in diagnostics of Fe-deficiency in children

V.N. Timchenko, S.L. Bannova, N.V. Pavlova, E.B. Pavlova, T.A. Kaplina, A.V. Fedorova, O.V. Bulina, A.L. Balashov, J.-C. Hakizimana

VEB-mononucleosis in children at the hospital stage in modern conditions

V.S. Vasilenko, N.D. Mamiev, Yu.B. Semenova

Prevention of cardiovascular system adaptation failure in athletes with the method of cryotherapy


A.V. Asaturov, S.А. Varzin, Yu.I. Stroev, L.P. Churilov, V.J. Utekhin

The role of autoimmune reactivity in pathogenesis of complicated forms of peptic ulcer disease in adults and children

N.Y. Basantsova, Yu.S. Zinchenko, A.A. Starshinova, P.K. Yablonskiy

Diagnostic evaluation of small-fiber neuropathies in various diseases (review)


T.V. Malikova, T.O. Novikova, D.G. Pirogov

Grief and bereavement of preschool children


G.L. Mikirtichan, O.A. Jarman

Soranus of Ephesus: the first Greco-Roman perinatologist and pediatrician

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