I.I. Evsyukova, N.A. Zvereva, N.G. Gurieva, T.A. Velichko

The feature of brain oxygenation in the sleep cycle of healthy newborn babies


D.O. Ivanov, V.V. Derevtsov

Assessment of body length in infants born with different types of mild prenatal development delay

A.N. Obukhova, O.V. Khaletskaya, E.V. Tush

Renal function in premature infants in the neonatal period

V.A. Reznik, D.O. Ivanov, A.Ya. Bagrov, N.N. Ruhlyada, N.I. Tapilskaya

Pathogenetic features of formation of experimental preeclampsia-like condition

E.A. Dementeva, O.P. Gurina, A.E. Blinov, O.N. Varlamova, G.A. Blinov, A.A. Stepanova

Peculiarities of cellular and humoral immunity in 3–12 months old infants with atopic dermatitis

D.L. Tikhonravov, V.B. Voitenkov, I.U. Golubeva, A.P. Gerasimov, A.Yu. Pashkov

Use of the method for the formation of the concepts of size and shape in preschool children for clinical research

V.G. Svarich, I.M. Kagantsov, V.A. Svarich

Therapeutic tactics in cholelithiasis in children

V.V. Vakareva, M.V. Avdeeva, L.V. Shcheglova, V.V. Popova, P.B. Voronkov

The functional state of the heart in women prior to extracorporeal fertilization and its dynamics after stimulation of superovulation


T.A. Lezareva, S.A. Lytaev

On the effectiveness of mechanisms of psychophysiological adaptation in the dynamics of the educational process


M.P. Biletskaya, M.A. Golikova

Defensive-coping behaviour of patients with atopic dermatitis


E.A. Besedina, D.V. Prometnoy, S.G. Piskunova, O.S. Selezneva, L.E. Kharakhashyan, P.E. Anchutin

A case of Nijmegen syndrome in a child with frequent relapses of a respiratory infection

T.V. Melashenko, M.Yu. Fomina, I.N. Usenko, Yu.V. Rodionov, O.I. Pavlova

Subdural hematomas in young children: clinical and electrophysiological features

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