A. S. Mel’nikov, E. A. Rukoyatkina, R. A. Funden, I. B. Latysheva

Women and HIV infection, current status of the problem


V. A. Kolmyk, R. A. Nasyrov, G. F. Kutusheva

Advantages of immunohistochemistry in the diagnosis of chronic endometritis

B. V. Arakelian, N. A. Kokhreidze

Diagnostic and prognostic value of procalcitonin blood level studies in patients with purulentinflammatory diseases of the uterus and its appendages

Elisabeth M. W. Kooi

Current insights in brain protection for the sick newborn infant

E. G. Anufrienko, N. A. Kokhreidze

Clinical characteristics of ectopic pregnancy in adolescents

A. E. Nikolaeva, S. I. Kapustin, L. P. Papayan, F. R. Kutueva

Specifics of allelic polymorphism of genes associated with increased therombogenesis in pregnant women with fetal loss syndrome

A. F. Romanchishen, G. B. Thompson

Comparative results of treatment of children and adolescents with thyroid cancer at St. Petersburg Endocrine Surgery Centre and Mayo Clinic

L. Yu. Zhukova, A. V. Kharchev, O. L. Kolobova, N. E. Sokolova, A. N. Tarasenko

Transient erytroblastopenia of childhood: a review of 39 cases

I. N. Gogotadze, P. N. Krotin, T. Yu. Kozhukhovskaya, E. M. Bogatyreva

Management of patients with abnormal uterine bleeding puberty in the outpatient setting (experience MCDC “Yuventa”)

E. M. Bogatyreva, G. F. Kutusheva I. N. Gogotadze, A. D. Zernyuk

Hyperandrogenism. Cases of Combination of Different Variants of Hyperandrogenism in Adolescent Girls with the Peripheral Form of Hyperandrogenism

Yu. A. Gurkin, S. S. Feoktistova, V. A. Shapkayts

The problem of providing gynecological care for girls from dare migrants

E. A. Yalfimova, G. F. Kutusheva

Medico-social factors influencing the menstrual function in adolescents with overweight

A. V. Mironova, V. G. Balasanyan, K. L. Zhuravleva

The role of the pediatrician in the sexual education of adolescent girls


S. A. Leontyeva, E. A. Ulrikh,N. A. Kokhreidze

Surgical tactic in treatment of ovarian masses in adolescents

V. N. Aleksandrov, G. G. Khubulava, V. V. Levanovich

Tissue-engineered vascular grafts

A. L. Spirin, A. P. Trashkov, N. V. Tsygan, A. G. Vasiliev, M. R. Artemenko, V. A. Pechatnikova

Supratentorial Сerebral hemorrhage: Pathophysiologic Criteria and Tactics of Treatment

R. V. Bilyutin-Aslanyan, A. G. Vasiliev, P. V. Rodichkin, A. P. Trashkov, N. V. Khaytsev

Combined Atherosclerotic Lesions of Cerebral and Coronary Blood Vessels: Risk Factors


N. A. Kokhreidze, S. A. Leont’yeva

Clinical ambiguousness of measurement of tumor markers in the differential diagnosis of the uterus appendages tumors and inflam-matory pelvic mass in girls


G.F. Kutusheva

For the 75th anniversary of Yuri Aleksandrovich Gurkin


L. I. Kalyuzhnaya, D. A. Zemlyanoy

Temperature imbalance and fever


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