2011 – 2


Alekseeva L. A., Skripchenko N. V., Bessonova T. V

Laboratory criterien for endogenous intoxication in meningococcal infection in children

S. P. Kokoreva, T. V. Golovacheva, M. V. Sanina, A. V. Docenko

The peculiarities of clinical course and treatment of pandemic influenza A (H1N1) 2009 IN Children Voronezh region

Y. A. Rosin

Doppler sonography in the diagnosis of cerebral vasospasm in children with hib meningitis

B. I. Glukhovets, V. V. Vasiliev, S. K. Kuyoumchan

Congenital infections and early perinatal deaths in leningrad oblast in 2009

V. N. Komantsev, N. V. Scripchenko, M. V. Savina

Clinical electroneuromyography in neuroinfections in children

Volgina S. Ya., Kondratjev A. S., Yafarova S. Sh.

Studying of quality of life to assess effectiveness of management of adolescences with behavioral disorders (high-risk behavior)

A. A. Sukhoruk, Kh. J. Peradze, I. V. Khomchenko

Analyses of epidemiological features and clinical picture of influenza caused by type a/H1N1/California in adult of Saint-Petersburg

Novak K. E

Clinical and morphological characteristics of subcompensated and decompensated liver cirrhosis of viral etiology

Ryabykh S. O., Ulrich E. W.

Usage of veptr instrumentation in treatment of spine deformities caused by failure of segmentation in young children

Gurina O. P., Blinov A. E., Varlamova O. N., Dementeva E. A., Timochina V. I.

Often being ill children: immunodiagnosis and rehabilitation

Obraztsova E. V., Osidak L. V., Golovachova E. G., Notch V., Afanasyev O. I., Milkint K. K..

Application viferon-gel in acute respiratore infections in children


Mikirtichan G.L.,

Zinaida Michnik Osipovna

Orel V.I., Kuznetsova E. Yu, Gurieva N.A.,

A brief chronicle of the life and scientific-pedagogical activity of Professor Nicholas Glebovich Veselov

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