2011 – 3

Выпуск 3

2011 год



Guzeva V. I.

The 80th anniversary of nervous niseases department of SPbSPMA


Anisimova T. I., Surushkina S. Yu.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: problems in family and family therapy

 Surushkina S. Yu., Chutko L. S., Yakovenko E. A., Nikishena I. S., Anisimova T. I., Bykova Ju. L., Yureva R. G.

Impaired attention and memory in children with anxiety and phobic disorders

 Chutko L. S., Surushkina S. Yu., Anisimova T. I., Livinskaya A. M.

Clinical differentiation of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

 N. V. Skripchenko, L. A. Alekseeva, G. F. Gelesnikova

Liquor and its clinical meaning in infectious diseases of nervous system

 Y. A. Rosin

Cerebral blood flow in children with bacterial meningitis and intracranial hypertension

Skoromets A. P., Shumilina M. V., Vetchinkina Ju. V., Pravduhina G. P

Novel approaches in diagnosis of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy

 Dudanov I. P., Belinskaya V. G., Atamanova E. E., Laptev K. V., Vasilchenko N. O., Koblov E. S

Carotid endarterectomy in acute period of an ischemic stroke

Chukhlovina M. L., Guseva V. I.

Features of multiple sclerosis diagnostics in childhood

N. E. Novikova, V. V. Guzeva, O. V. Guzeva

Characteristics of neuropsychological features in children with idiopathic partial forms of epilepsy

 Mikirtichan G L., Gorlanov I. A., Kaurova T. V

Medico-social characteristics of family child 13–18 years with chronic dermatological diseases

 Belimova A. A ., Ponomarenko G. N., Janоv J. K.

Combined effect of transcranial electrostimulation (TES) and acoustic effects (AB) in the complex treatment of patients with sensorineural hearing loss

 Dobrinskaya N., D., Palchik A. B., Ponyatishin A., E.

Clinical and functional characteristics of epilepsy in children with spasticdyskinetic form of infantile cerebral palsy

 Volgina S. Ya., Yafarova S. Sh.

Assessment of potential of disabled adolescences for rehabilitation

 Baisheva G. M.

Organization of neuro-rehabilitation care for children in the city Yakutsk


Glebovskaya O. I., Ponyatishin A. E., Berezin V. N

Features of status epilepticusin FIRES-syndrome. Clinical observation


Palchik A. B.

The basic principles of neurology of development

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