2011 – 4

Выпуск 4

2011 год



Palchik A. B., Evstafeyeva I. V

Optimality concept in perinatology


Silenko O. N., Kutusheva G. F., Savenkova N. D.

The gynecological pathology in girls with urinary tract infection

Averina I. V

The role of some enzyme systems in normal pregnancy and pregnancy with preeclampsia

Tomaeva K. G., Gaidukov S. N., Komissarova E. N

Does value the determination of the somatotype pregnant women in predicting the state of the intrauterine fetus?

 Gribov K. A., Shmidt A. A., Abashin V. G., Bescrovney S. V

Clinicopathologic substantiation of application of preparations at group of the gonadotropin releasing hormone among the women patients with endometrioid illness

Tatarova N. A., Gutikova L. V., Airapetyan M. S.

The correction of disorders of the synthesizing and excretory function of mammary glands of puerperas, suffered from preeclampsia

Balasanyan V.G., Mikirtichan G. L

Medical ethics for gynecology

Adilhanova A. Kh., Kutusheva G. F.

Disturbances of menstrual function in girls-teenagers from disadvantaged families

Timoshkova Y. L., Gayvoronskiy D. I., Molchanov O. L., Shmidt A. A.

A new approach to the treatment of recurrent vulvovaginal mycotic in nonpregnant women, the role of intimate hygiene

Khuraseva A. B.

Support of medical and preventive activities aimed at preventing the recurrence of uterine bleeding in puberty

Alexandrovich Yu. S., Murieva E. A., Pshenisnov K. V., Ryazanova O. V

Hormonal status features of mother and newborn if long-term epidural analgesia was used during delivery

Tihonova T. K., Shanina T. B.

Causes and mechanisms of occurrence newborns cephalohaematoma

Glushakov R. I., Lisyanskaya A. S., Proshin S.N., Tapilskaya N. I.

Epithelial ovarian cancer and altered thyroid status

Molchanov O.N

Rehabilitation aspects of bacterial vaginosis therapy

Vorobtsova I.N., Tapilskaya N. I., Gaidukov S.N.

Result of investigation newborn from born mothers with human papilloma virus

Zelenina N. V., Molchanov O. L., Beskrovnyi S. V.

Therapy of sterility in polycystic ovary syndrom

Gajdukov S.N., Reznik V. A., Antonenko V. S

Characteristics of somaticathions disoders by patients with hyperplastic processes of endometrium at late reprodactive age

 Vetrov V. V., Vasiliev V. E., Dudnichenko T. A

The efferens theraphy in obstetrics of practic

Albitsky V. Yu., Vinyarskaya I. V

On problems and perspectives of qaly indices introduction in national pediatrics

Zheivot E. K.

Morbidity rates among children of saint petersburg central district

 Shevchukova V. V

The organization of transportation of newborn children with different severity pathology


Troik E. B., Sherstnov M. Iu

Acute breast diseases diagnose and treatment aspects

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