2013 #4



Levanovitch V. V., Suslova G. A., Gostimsky A. V.

The role and place of modern educational technologies in medical school


Krochek I. V., Sergyiko S. V., Privalov V. A

Laser osteoperforation for the treatment of acute osteomyelitis. 10 years experience

Barhatova N. A.

Specials clinical symptoms the local and general forms of surgical infection of soft tissues on the children’s age

Paliy G. K., Nazarchuk O. A., Paliy D. V., Nazarchuk S. A.,Gonchar O. O., Bereza B. N., Kordon Yu. V., Zaderey N. V., Trofimenko Yu. Yu.

The analysis of sensitivity of escherichia clinical strains, isolated from ill children to antibiotics, antiseptics

Melnikova V. Ph., Aksenov O. A., Boronina T. A., Nasyrov R. A

The concept of placental insuffisiency

Kornienko E. A., Vlasov N. N., Chistyakova A. V

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in childhood

Zvyagin A.A.

Autoimmune gastritis in children with autoimmune diseases

Yagupova A. A., Kornienko E. A. Loboda T. B., Fadina S. A.

New diagnosis in pediatric practice: autoimmune pancreatitis

Chukhlovina M. L.

Diagnostic features of traumatic brain injury in childhood

Popov V. V., Priima N. F., Kanavets N. S.

Functional endotelian condition of woman with metabolic syndrome associated with autoimmune thyroiditis

Zemlyanoy D. A., L’vov S. N

Regional features of Saint-Petersburg schoolchildren level of health


Gostimsky A. V., Peredereev S. S

Surgical treatment of diffuse toxic goiter in children. a review of the literature

 Skorodok I. L., Khesina T. E., Afanasieva M. Y., Gegkiyeva A. B., Mullakhmetova Z. I.

Need born prematurely newborn with transient hypothyroxiemia in treatment preparation hormone of the thyroid gland?

Tretjak A. T., Vostokova L. P., Chukhlovin A. B.

Role and place of DNA diagnostics in infection clinics


Pechkurov D. V., Voronina E. N., Allenova Yu. E.

The case of recurrent abdominal pain in a girl


Vabalayte K. V., Romanchishen A. F.

The history of recurrent laryngeal nerve research


Romanchishen A. F., Romanchishen F. A., Karpatsky I. V., Vabalayte K. V

Urgent surgery for thyroid diseases and complications of early postoperative period


Vindorf S. A.

Features of psychological work with teenagers of group of risk on drug addiction emergenced

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