Savicheva A. M.

Infections in mother, fetus and newborn Infant


Boronina L. G., Samatova E. V.

Verification etiology of chronic infectious-inflammatory pulmonary diseases exacerbations in children

Klyukhina Yu. B., Zhelenina L. A., Ivanov D. O.

Pulmonary catamnesis in children on artificial lung ventilation inthe neonatal period

Naboka Yu. L., Rymashevskiy A. N., Svirava E. G., Vasilyeva L. I., Bragina L. Ye., Chernitskaya M. L., Dzhalagoniya K.T.

Development of microbiota in the large intestine of newborns depending onvarious deliv ery methods

Rybina Ye. V., Kenbayeva K. G., Savicheva A. M.

Gastrointestinal microflora of full-term newborn infants with different modes of delivery

Zatsiorskaya S. L. , Krysanova A. A., Khvan V. O.,Martikaynen Z. M., Savicheva A. M.

Di agnostics and prevention of infections caused by Streptococcus agalactiae in pregnant women and newborn infants

Khusnutdinova T. A., Savochkina Yu. A., Shipitsyna Ye. V.,Guschin A. E ., Savicheva A.M .

Application of quantitative multiplex real-time polymerase chain reaction for identification of causative agents of urinary tract infections in pregnancy

Kokhreidze N. A., Anufriyenko E. G., Bobrova I. V., Mironova A. V.

Intimate hygiene of an adolescent girl: principles, modern opportunities and problem of introduction

Lozovskaya M. E., Belushkov V. B., Gurina O. P., Vasilyeva Ye. B., Klochkova L. V.

Comparativ e evaluation of innovative diagnostic tests for latent and active TВ infection in children

Golovacheva Ye. G., Afanasyeva O. I., Osidak L. V., Obraztsova Ye. V., Voloshchuk L. V.

Effect of interferon on the direction of polarization of the immune response to influenza in children

Karavayev V. M.

Structural circumstances in the maintypes of fatal concomitant injury in children

Romanova M. N., Zhila N. G., Sinelnikova Ye. V.

Sonographic examination of peripheral nerve injuries at the hands of children

Sevastyanov A. V., Fishchev S. B., Orlova I. V.

Morpholog ical fac ial features of people with the reduced he ight of the gnath ic part of the face

Abdaladze N. S., Avaliani T. V., Tsikunov S. G.

Protection of the neurological dysfunctions of newborn by omega-3 acids

Vostrikov V. V., Proshin S. N.

Does the age of first drug abuse influence on further development and course of the disease

Peel E. A., Bulavko Ya. E.

Analyze and prediction of expenses for public health in g7 countries

Shmeleva N. D., Turpakova T. G.

Experience reduce tb in children with routine immunization in republic of Belarus


Shalepo K. V., Nazarova V. V., Menukhova Yu. N., Shipitsyna Ye. V.,Savicheva A. M.

Diagnosis and therapy of bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy

Sokurova A. M.

Specific laboratory diagnosis of viral hepatitis

Nazarov T. H., Tahirov N. S., Vasilyev A. G., Madjidov S. A.,Akhmedov M. A.

Modern aspects of the etiology and pathogenesis of urolithiasis


Lisenkova L. N.

The night 6/7 january 1918: a tragic page in the history of mariinsky hospital

Likhtshangof A. Z.

Main stages of studying childhood infectious diseases


Mitin Yu. A., Vologzhanin D. A.

Clinic, diagnosis and prevention of latex allergy in patients and hos-pital medical staff


Gorkovaya I. A.

Fears among children and overcoming them

Isayev D. D.

Psychological characteristics preceding the development of homosexuality


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