80-anniversary of Professor N.P. Shabalov, an outstanding Russian Pediatrician


E.M. Bulatova, Z.V. Nesterenko

Community-aquired pneumonia in asthmatic children with different duration of inhaled corticosteroid therapy

O.I. Klimova, N.V. Gonchar, I.V. Razd’yakonova, Yu.V. Lobzin

How do the intestinal infections proceeding with the haemocolitis syndrome influence anthropometrical indicators of the nutritional status of children?

М.М. Gurova, V.V. Kupreenko

Clinical and functional features of the upper gastrointestinal tract in children with chronic gastroduodenitis in 3 and 6 months after eradication therapy

V.S. Ivanov, L.I. Levina, S.N. Ivanov, V.S. Vasilenko

Autonomic and endothelial dysfunction with neurocirculatory asthenia in young men of call-up agе

V.L. Gritsinskaya, V.P. Novikova

Physical development of children in St. Petersburg: to the discussion about methods of evaluation

E.V. Timofeev, E.V. Zemtsovsky, S.V. Reeva

Cardiac arrhythmias and predictors in patients of young age with marfanoid habitus

N.S. Tagirov

Effectiveness of nephrolithiasis surgical treatment on the background of replacement testosterone therapy

Z.V. Davydova, O.D. Yagmurov

Forensic medical examination of alcohol-attributable mortality in Saint Petersburg

Y.A. Vaganova, G.A. Suslova, S.N. Gaiducov

Non-pharmacological pain-relieving treatment in pregnant women with dorsopathies


V.P. Novikova, A.A. Pokhlebkina

Food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome in pediatric practice

L.I. Chaava, E.I. Kakhiani, V.N. Tsygan, A.N. Drygin, M.A. Pakhomova

Endocrine and metabolic consequences of surgical interventions in uterine myoma: pathogenetic characteristic

Y.V. Petrenko, K.S. Gerasimova, V.P. Novikova

Biological and pathophysiological role of adiponectin

E.P. Evsiutina, Yu.V. Dinikina, M.B. Belogurova, Yu.S. Aleksandrovich

Prevention of toxicity in chemotherapy with high doses of methotrexate in children

K.K. Mirchuk, D.I. Vasilevskiy, K.A. Anisimova, L.I. Davletbaeva

Bariatric surgery metabolic effects


V.V. Vetrov, D.O. Ivanov, V.A. Reznik, L.A. Romanova, R.A. Vartanyan, O.I. Sergienko, V.U. Chihladze

Results of efferent therapy in monochorionic diamniotic twins with dissociation of fetal development (three clinical observations)

A.V. Andreyev, N.V. Kharlamova, S.S. Mezhinskij, A.A. Pesenkina

Clinical case of non-immune hydrops in a preterm infant with paroxismal tachycardia

E.S. Garbaruk, A. Nnomzo’o, P.V. Pavlov, O.K. Gorkina

Algorithm of hearing monitoring of children with congenital heart disease

A.A. Kholkina, Yu.R. Kovalev, V.A. Isakov, N.O. Gonchar

Myocardial bridge and coronary artery fistulas in a patient with angina


Professor Anatoly F. Romanchishen (towards 70th anniversary since birth)

A.F. Romanchishen

My way to surgery began in childhood… Autobiographic essay

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